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Someone's Family - Photography by Pamela Houser

March 8 - May 24, 2015

Someone's Family - Photography by Pamela Houser

Artist Pamela Houser has traveled the United States and finds people experiencing homelessness wherever she goes.  These individuals are cold, lonely and hungry.  They are "Someone's Family", a brother, sister, parent, child and they need help.  Houser's hope is that her work will help the viewer fins a deeper sense of consciousness and empathy concerning the homeless.  She depicts their lives through the use of black and white photography.  Candid or photojournalist photos catch them in their struggle trying to find the most basic necessities.  Consistent throughout the work is their obvious lack of food and housing.

Houser explains, "On recent travels I have met some wonderful people who agreed to collaborate with my project concerning people experiencing homelessness as a way to help create social awareness,"

"I met a middle-aged lady named Patty whose struggle with mental illness led her to the streets, lost to those who lived and tried to help her.  max was a gentleman sleeping on the streets of New York City.  Some kind stranger had left him breakfast on his bed of cardboard; how nice of them."

"A fellow named Ray was on the corner in Seattle asking for money for the shelter and food.  He explained that he only needed $5 per day to survive; enough for food and a bed in the shelter.  I met many of our nation's veterans struggling and experiencing homelessness right in our nation's capitol."

Visitors to the exhibition, "Someone's Family", are encouraged to drop off canned goods which will be donated to local food pantries.  Photographs by Houser may be purchased with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Muscatine Center for Social Action.