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Spring Cleaning Treasures

Trash or historical treasure?  The Muscatine Art Center builds its special collections (manuscripts, audio-visual materials, maps & ephemera) through public donations and with limited purchases of new material. It is guided in its selection criteria by a collections development policy. If you're planning a good "spring clean" this year, consider donating your old treasures to the Muscatine Art Center.
Not everything that is offered will be added to the collections, but all offers will be carefully evaluated and considered. MAC does not accept materials under "permanent loan" agreements. We also do not provide authentications or monetary appraisals of documents, photographs or other historical resources. For assistance in these areas, please visit the Society of American Archivists or the American Society
of Appraisers.
If you have manuscripts, audio-visual materials, maps or ephemera that you would like to offer as donations to the
Art Center contact Virginia Cooper, (563) 263-8282 or